What does it mean to be Fit?

Seems like an obvious question, six pack, “toned” arms, nice legs, able to move well. Oh and young, don’t forget young.

Well, Webster dictionary defines ‘Fit’ as ranging from ‘a division of a poem or song’, ‘proper or acceptable’ all the way to ‘physically healthy and strong’   so with all of these different definitions, how as a society have we decided that “being fit” is merely an aesthetic?

To be honest, I’m sick of it and sick of pretending that the only things that matter are macros, body fat percentages, how much your food weighs and muscle definition (read as six pack abs).  *Now, if those are your goals right now for a specific reason, that’s fucking awesome and keep at it! I’m not saying these things are never important; they’re just not the only things.

So for the rest of us being fit is so much more. Frankly, it’s whatever the fuck you want it to be. Now there are some standards, such as pizza is not a vegetable, no matter how good of an argument you try to make. I know it’s not fair.

Being fit encompasses your whole mind, body and soul. So often our mental health is left behind. Having a clear, healthy, “fit” mind is going to be your biggest supporter in accomplishing your goals. If you’re not on your mental game – accomplishing not only fitness related goals, but career and personal goals as well will be challenging.  See it all starting to come together?

Your soul, spirit, whatever you want to call it is also often over looked. Whether you are religious, spiritual, both or neither, your soul is who you are. More importantly it’s what you stand for. Connect with yourself, look inward to really understand who you are. Having a firm connection with your own self and how that reflects out into the world is another piece in the puzzle of fit.

So what then does it mean to be fit? Being fit is going to look different for every single one of us. It means loving your body simply because it is yours. It means waking up, happy to live that day and enjoy what it has to offer. It meaning being active in a way that you enjoy. It means appreciating the small moments of life because when you look back over your life it’s those moments you will remember. It means doing something daily that is good for your mind body and soul. There are different levels of fitness, find your level and don’t be scared to try something new every now and again – that’s truly fit living!

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