Starting Fresh, again…

My favorite day of any month is always the 1st. As clique as it is, the 1st of the month, year or week always seem like a fresh start for something, the beginning of an adventure. I also just love any excuse to buy a fresh notebook. The opening of a new notebook, the smell of the fresh bare pages, it’s like Christmas morning! I love the feeling of starting something, and I’m really good at it to. I’m great at starting new workout regimes, new diets, and setting new goals. I’m excellent at finding the perfect new notebook for whatever my new thing is going to be. I’m a pro at setting up the notebook with a list of my goals, and even a step by step plan as to how I’m going to achieve it.  Ah, just writing all of this is getting me excited for a new notebook and some goals, I mean it is the 1st after all.

I’m absolutely terrible at day 2 of any month. I fall apart when it comes to actually putting my plan into action. I laughed out loud the other day when a co-worker of mine called me a “do-er”. She said “when you have an idea or something you want, you just do it”. While I may be better at this then I’m willing to credit myself for, I am by no means a “do-er”. I’m a planner. I love to make plans, ideas, lists, etc.  Now planning is a great skill to have and it comes in handy, but I much rather just be able to stick to one of my fucking plans rather than making a hundred and never seeing any through to the end.

So November, you’re going to be my month of change (hopefully)! Over this past weekend I came down with a pretty bad cold. Nothing noteworthy there, it’s “that time of year” as we all like to say and where I live, the weather has been fluctuating a lot lately. Plus I work with people all day, every day; I’m bound to get sick from time to time. Being sick in the fall, I wanted nothing but soup; okay not a bad choice of foods. I also felt that since I was sick it meant I deserved to eat ice cream and Halloween candy too. Obviously being sick is a free pass to eat whatever you want, right? Wrong! I’m sick because my immune system has been weakened and is trying to fend of “bad guys”, so instead of feeding it nutritious foods to help in the battle, I’m loading it with a ton of sugar and other chemicals that only weaken my immune system more.

I also have something called Hashimoto Hypothyroidism. Super fancy name that means, my thyroid works a lot slower than it is supposed to and my immune system does not recognize my thyroid as being a part of my body, so it’s constantly attacking it. Meaning, my immune system is always “weak” and when I get sick, its gets even weaker.  I need to start helping it and I need to start now! Maybe not right now since I did just eat three milky-ways as I was typing this, you can’t let the Halloween candy go to waste! But now, now I will start!

I’ve done my homework on important foods to incorporate into your diet for Hashimoto and came up with a little meal plan, guideline that I’m going to follow for the month of November.  I will be sharing my food experiences with you as I go; it’s another goal of mine for the month of November to make at least 4 blog posts about my eating habits. I figured this will help keep me accountable. I know the importance of nutrition, I know we truly are what we eat and I know food can be our best medicine; I just have to fucking do it!

So here’s to the 1st, the starting fresh, the new notebook and most importantly, here’s to my health!

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