Some thoughts on Success.

Success. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what this word means to me. Up until recently I haven’t really thought about what I think success is. I guess I always thought of it as this destination that would have a sign when I arrived.  People standing on either side of the road clapping and cheering as I cross the finish line. “Ah yes, success, I have finally made it”. Well apparently that’s not exactly how it works. Apparently, I get to determine what success looks like for me. My definition of success is my own and it may look and sound different than yours. At least that’s what I’ve decided.

So then, what is success for me? When I was a freshman in college, a bunch of us went to this psychic event that the school was putting on. The first thing we did was put our name and some number on an index card and put them in a fish bowl. Then this psychic picked some out and said things about that person. My card was called. He said he sees me having multiple homes and cars and traveling to exotic places in my future. Would that be success? I hope not, it sounds exhausting.

To me, success is enjoying life. This week in particular I keep thinking that I don’t want to be the best at anything or devout my entire life to one specific “thing”.  Now let me dive a little deeper into this because at first thought I feel lazy and unmotivated basically stating I’d be happy with a mediocre life never striving for something great.  But I’ve realized that what I view as great is not the mainstream vision.

Life is temporary. A momentary speck on the way to and from other forms of energy and existence. I believe life is meant to be experienced. I don’t want to get caught up in the material things humans have created in this life. I want to create moments of laughter. Memories of love and joy. I want to see the beauty of earth.  I want to feel my lover, look people in the eyes and be there with them. Be in the moment, connect. I want a slow life. A simple life.

That to me is success.

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