New Year

I’ve been trying for hours to write a blog post about the new year and can’t figure out how to say any of it without sounds corny. What can I say is 2016 was incredible for me. I met my soul mate (because yes I believe in that kind of shit) and I learned a ton about myself. I met some amazing new people and a lot of these relationships have helped me set things in motion to achieve more goals in 2017. 

I’m ready to take hold of my life. One of the biggest challenges I’m tackling in 2017 is 365 days of paleo eating. A friend and I have decided to challenge ourselves to a year of clean eating! While my nutrition has been so much better lately, I need it to be perfect if I truly want to use food as medicine, heal my hashimoto hypothyroidism and feel at my best. With my training increasing I need a diet that is going to allow me to be at my best!! I’m so excited to see where a year of clean eating is going to take my health. I’m not the most creative cook which can make this challenging so I’m going to take every Sunday to try a new recipe!!! 

Become my own business owner is another goal for 2017. I want to step out from behind the shadows and show the world what Ive got!! I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself this year and now I’m ready to use that to move my life in the direction I want it to go. I know I can help people and make a difference and it’s time I stop hiding behind others and do it myself! It’s going to be scary and unpredictable, but if 2016 has taught me anything it’s to trust my gut. Go with what feels right to you. This my life to live and I have to do what’s best for me! 

I also want to start yoga/mobility and mediation on a regular basis. Things that I use to do but have lost touch with. I cleaned out my bedroom today to make space for these things! I’m going to start small by saying 2x a week! I’ve found that if I want to achieve big goals, I have to take steps to get there (except my diet, we’re just diving right into that one). Leave my goals room to expand throughout the year. So 2x a week for now and once I am able to do that with ease, increase the amount. 

I’m excited for the year ahead. I see positive things coming and can’t wait to experience what this life has to offer! 


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