Paleo 365

. My friend Dan and I have challenged each other to 365 days of paleo! January 1st was Day One.

So far I’ve realized a couple things. One, I am not eating enough throughout the day. This I believe started to happen before the challenge. Since I’ve started training for the weightlifting meet and coaching crossfit classes, my days have been a tad more hectic. Most of the time I either forget or just don’t have the opportunity to eat. But i’m starting to notice that it HAS to become a priority. Obviously we need food to live, but beyond that, I need food and certain nutrition to perform well. If i’m going to place big goals on myself as an athlete and a coach, I need to take my own advice. I would be concerned and desperately trying to work towards solutions if someone I was working with told me they didn’t have time to eat, yet when it comes to myself, I feel its less important. As part of this challenge I am working towards managing my time better and being more prepared with food and more creative. My coach told me about the applesauce pouches. It’s a perfect way to get nutrients in without having a ton of Tupperware, utensils, and chomping in someones face.

I also realized, I need to step up my cooking game!! Dan has been sharing some delicious looking and sounding recipes that are all paleo! As of lately, with my schedule being so crazy I don’t have time to really cook like I use too and I’m starting to notice how much I miss it. I’ve been eating so bland lately, just bleak salads in a mason jar, some apples and oranges and you’ve got my nutrition secret. I am always looking at recipes and finding creative ways for others to fit in delicious nutritious food, yet again I fall short with myself.

This Sunday I am going to try and get crafty in the kitchen and take some time for myself! If anyone has any ideas for recipes send them along!!


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