Outside My Comfort Zone

With my first weightlifting meet tomorrow, today is filled with emotions and it’s only 12pm. Up until today I hadn’t experienced too many nerves. Coach & I did a mock meet last week and it did instill a tiny bit of confidence in me. Now though, the nerves seem to be getting a hold of me. I know all the proper condolences; it’s your first meet; just try to have fun; it’s a learning experience, etc.

As numbing as these sentiments can be since I do the same with my clients, they are true. I’m making the meet a bigger deal than it is for more reasons than necessary. Since the year has started I’ve been making a lot of changes at what seems like lighting speed, and my life as of late seems to be untouched terrain.

Standing under a bright light on a “stage” (I’m not sure what exactly this meet will have in terms of this), wearing a skin tight one piece, lifting a heavy-ish weight, with a bunch of strangers watching me. Basically my worst nightmare. I’m barely comfortable talking in front of people I know pretty well, in more comfortable attire. So why am I doing this to myself? Honestly, I can’t tell you the exact moment I decided to do it. It was back in the fall, I was just looking up competition dates and before I knew it I was asking Dennis if he would coach me for one in January and here we are. The timing of this meet couldn’t have lined up better though. I feel this is a positive step in enhancing both my skills as an athlete and a coach. On a certain level of selfishness I want to become a better athlete. I want to lift heavier weight with better form at a quicker pace. In my pursuit of these I feel the knowledge I gain will make me a better coach as well.

Besides, this is what it’s all about. Walking into the unknown. Taking a deep breath, knowing you can do this and challenging yourself. See who you truly are and what you’re truly capable of because I believe it’s a hell of a lot more than where we tend to allow ourselves to live. Life is meant to be experienced. We’re all writing our own stories and in order to have something on those pages, you have to have the adventure. Whatever that may be for you. I love health and fitness. It’s what I find fascinating and it’s how I want to spend my human experience; how do you want to spend yours?

If it doesn’t give you butterflies, it’s not worth doing. We tend to stay away from things that make us even a tad bit uncomfortable. We’re so fucking scared of being pushed even the tiniest bit. When are we going to realize that being pushed, taking that baby step outside of our perfect little bubble, is where amazing things happen. Those people you constantly lust over on social media wondering how they got to be living the life you want well,  that is what they did! They pushed themselves to be better, to not settle for easy but to strive for their greatest potentials.

It’s all an experience, it’s all to be enjoyed. Now if only I can remember that tomorrow.

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