Even if there was a pill…

While reading a new book I recently bought I had a small realization that even if there was a pill I could take to fix any health condition I may endure, I wouldn’t want to take it.

What would I do with my time then?

Health is the whole point. It is how we live our lives. We keep trying to “become healthy” with all these tricks and quick fixes and we are missing the point. Don’t you find it odd that with all the amazing things we have discovered and are able to do, we haven’t yet figured out how to make health easier for people. Health is a journey not a destination. We are meant to cook our meals from scratch, meaning it should take some time to do it. We are meant to move our bodies. I know its hard to imagine but humans used to actually hunt for their food. So everyday they would run, jump and throw- things our bodies still want to do today. Not even want..need! Did you know that the squat used to be a resting position for humans? RESTING. Now we can barely hold it for a few minutes without grimacing.  We’re so accustomed to this modern way of living where sitting with our heads down (putting way too much pressure on our necks) is normal. We no longer need to squat to rest, we can sit on a comfy couch. We don’t need to run to catch food. It’s already dead and in the fridge just waiting for me to warm it up. These modern conveniences have caused a serious problem.

We can’t find a quick fix to health because there isn’t supposed to be one. We are supposed to be living our lives in accordance with it. We should be walking out in nature. We should be growing gardens. We should be exercising and talking with other humans. Modern conveniences are great – I mean I am currently using a laptop and checking Instagram as I type this rant about not staring at a computer all day – so I get it. I’m not above any one of you. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the effort. Stop wishing for it to be easier. Stop blaming other people or other factors for the way your health is.

You know how people say happiness is a choice and if you want to be happy then just be happy? And you want to punch them in the face because in your head you’re thinking it’s not that easy. Well easy isn’t exactly the right word. It’s not easy, it’s simple and as my coach would say: simple is hard. Being happy is as simple as choosing to be happy. This takes work though. Months and months, even years of practice and patience, acceptance and forgiveness. Health is the same way. Being healthy is as simple as choosing to be healthy. SIMPLE. NOT. EASY. It takes work, lots of patience and a little bit of discomfort on our part. I know, I know I said the D word. But come on, you know that’s when amazing things happen! You know that’s when change happens and you finally reach the goals you’ve been aiming towards!


So fuck the pill. We don’t want a quick fix lie. We want life. We want the experience. We want Health.

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