Because of or despite my nutrition?

There are many factors that contribute to our performance; sleeping, eating, hydration, training, recovering. Each one of these factors has significant importance and when one or more is off balance we may not realize at first because our performance is still maintaining despite the poor care were taking of ourselves. Our bodies are such incredible machines they can still functionally exceptionally well even with shitty maintenance. Well even the best machines can only take so much. It may have taken a mango baby growing inside me and a few consistent weeks of unintentionally fasting for 12ish hrs a day, but I finally got the message.. kind of. I got the message, but little action has been taken.

Having gone from working out in the afternoon, evening to mid-morning (9ish) I noticed that I felt better on an empty stomach. So I work a few hours in the morning, having only water and coffee, workout and then eat after. It didn’t take long for my body to adjust. I wouldn’t wake up feeling hungry, more thirsty than anything (probably lack of hydration also) and I even felt a slight improvement in my mental efforts. Things were going well, until I started forgetting to eat after. I didn’t bring food to the gym because I usually came home pretty quickly after. My nutrition had been slacking for a while, having a new found addiction to mangos and over indulging a bit too much on the paleo cookies, but a few weeks of that paired with this morning fast and my body was not happy. I have a million and one reasons why I forget to eat; I had vet appointments, work, errands to run, school crap, and all those other really great reasons we have for why we don’t do most things we should. I would then get home after a long day and just pig out on anything easily available, hence my mango obsession. Thankfully I get meal prep from the Washington market so I was getting some veggies in, but whatever was quick, easy and paleo was in my belly. I would eat until I was uncomfortably full, another habit I had from college and then repeat it all the next day waking up feeling bloated and gross. I knew I needed to stop, but like most people I don’t do what I’m supposed to, so I didn’t. Not until I noticed a change in my performance. I was feeling bloated and sluggish during training and it was starting to affect me mentally.  I became frustrated with myself because I should know better. I talk to people all day about nutrition and the importance of fueling our bodies. I know what foods are healthful and I do enjoy cooking. Yet somehow I still manage to fuck it up. Even after a full day of cooking delicious foods with a friend and having food with me, I get so caught up in coaching and other things that I didn’t feel hungry and forgot.

Okay I messed up, but instead of beating the shit out of myself like I usually do, I need to focus on the rest of today. All I can do is work on making the rest of tonight the best I can nutrition wise. Obviously I’m already stressing about tomorrow and how to not screw it up like today, but I can’t control that right now. All I can control is tonight. My fridge is stocked with delicious healthful foods, so as long as I don’t eat all of it I should be okay for tonight and then tomorrow, well tomorrow I try the best I can.

Consistency is the secret to achieving your goals, reaching success, all that good stuff, but you need to create those consistent behaviors (habits) that will get you there! It takes time for habits to form, things to change, be patient, set reminders, do what needs to be done and when you screw up, learn from it.

One thought on “Because of or despite my nutrition?

  1. This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read. I really needed to see this today. You’re such an inspiration and it’s so rare for people to admit when they had an off day and still persevere! You’re so inspiring ! ❤️


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