I’m terrible at writing about myself. So here’s the quick & dirty:


Grew up with a pretty normal childhood. Played every sport imaginable, from dance, gymnastics to baseball, basketball, volleyball. Even took some karate lessons in there. Broke my wrist snowboarding and even beat some of the neighborhood boys in street hockey. I always seemed to march to the beat to my own drum and that even carried over into my eating habits. Before knowing much about it I wanted to be vegan at the age of 12 because I knew it was better for the animals. I have since become more educated and understand how to buy meat that isn’t factory farmed, but you get my point. From age 13-21 a lot of shit happened. Plain & Simple. I struggled with shitty friendships and even
worse romantic interests. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and took place in a lot of self-destructive behaviors. One thing always remained constant though, my love for fitness. It wasn’t until a year or so after college, once I was settled into the “real world” hating my 9-5 job, living with my boyfriend in a dysfunctional relationship and constantly complaining that I realized my passion for fitness. Growing up playing sports and being active I didn’t see going to the gym as anything. It was just part of my life. My mom had implemented the habit of working out since I was born. I remember in middle school my mom waking my sister and me up early to do Jillian Michael DVDs.  It wasn’t until I was 23 and slowly starting to come out of the destructive life I had built for myself that I realized how much I loved being in the gym. I realized working out was more than something I did to stay healthy. It was therapy. I worked through emotional and mental stress in the gym. I felt confident in the gym, a characteristic that I seemed to lack in every other aspect of my life. Once I allowed myself to be sober for a bit, I started to reconnect with things that fascinated me as a child. I went on a long journey to find who I am again. I had to shed a lot of baggage, including people. I had to breakdown walls and rebuild a new foundation for myself. It wasn’t until I came out on the other side that I even saw what I was doing. While trying to make myself physically healthier, I was also making myself more mentally and emotionally healthy. It was around this time that I saw how I could turn my passion, my therapy into a lifestyle. This is more than a hobby, more than a stress reliever; this is a way of life. I want to share with everyone the things I have learned and help create their most healthy life. Not just go on a diet and lose weight, but truly transform them.


So this is me, a 26 year old girl rediscovering who she is. Creating a life full of passion, drenched in adventures and learning to love the shit out of it.

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