Chicken Fingers & Cookie Dough

Since Chris is the pickiest eater I have ever met, we decided that he and our roommate Haums will pick out a paleo recipe each Sunday for us to try!  This way I can improve on my cooking skills and I can slowly convert them to paleo eaters!!

Today on the menu we have: Chicken fingers & Cookie dough! Pretty simple, but a good start!


Chicken Fingers:


1 c. Almond Meal

3 tbsp. Curry Powder

Garlic Powder

3 tsp. Sesame Seeds (we probably ended up using a little more than this because chris really likes sesame seeds)

Grated Parmesan, no exact amount was given, so we guessed. I’d say about ¼ c.

A dash of Salt

Coconut Oil

& of course, Chicken

How we made it:

Mix all dry ingredients in a dish. .


Take the chicken, roll it in coconut oil and then in the dry ingredients.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Heat coconut oil in frying pan over medium heat. Add breaded chicken to frying pan and cook. Turn every 2-3 minutes. Cook for roughly 10-15 minutes w/ lid on.


What we thought:

I think they had too much breading on them. We think next time we won’t use the almond meal and just do the seasoning. Also we ran out of coconut oil and had to cook some w/ just water, which caused the breading to come off on a few. So make sure you have enough oil before starting!  Overall, they tasted good and we will be trying this one again!IMG_1957.JPG

Cookie Dough:

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with cookie dough and really just chocolate in general. I was so excited when I found this great dessert recipe.


½ cup Almond flour

¼ cup Tapioca Flour

¾ tsp Vanilla Extract

5 tbp Grass-Fed  Butter

2-3 tsp Honey (I used wildflower)

84% cocoa

How we made it:

Add all the ingredients into a blender. The recipe said to leave the chocolate out and just add it in when you’re ready to eat it, but I added a few into the batter just for taste. Blend ingredients, stopping to taste and see if you need to add any honey or vanilla. I found I didn’t have to.


What we thought:

I found this to be delicious!!!! The first batch I made, I forgot the butter (hehe oops!). So it was a bit dry, but once I followed the recipe correctly, it was wonderful! I got a “not bad” from Chris, which is basically “amazing” in my book and Haums seemed to enjoy it!